XXI. The town of New Santok

Settlement, which developed from the second half of the 13th century on the right bank of both rivers, was the nucleus of a private town – New Santok. It was a market settlement, not fortified, in which no municipal structures (city council) developed. The municipal nature of Nowy Santok is evidenced by the functioning of the customs house and a fishing service settlement.

The town was supposed to have a smithy, an inn and a church built in 1435. However, we do not know the detailed layout or type of buildings in New Santok. It can be assumed that the houses had a farm character and the houses were built in the half-timbered technique. Perhaps some of them had walls filled with bricks (timbered walls).

It seems that the territorial development of the town began near the customs crossing, e.g. near the bridge leading from the north to the gord. This is confirmed by the cobbled street discovered there in 2014.

Santok as a town is defined in documents until the second half of the 17th century. Since 1684, the records contain the term: “village”.