XX. In 1468, the castle passed into the hands of the Brandenburg families again. Its last owners were the Rulicke family. From the mid-15th century, the old castle was losing its importance, and at the end of the century it was abandoned.

The Teutonic Order ruled the New March from 1402 to 1454. However, this right of ownership did not allow him to take over the castle in Old Santok from the Knights of St. John. The conflict between the orders concerned the income from the duty collected in Santok.

For the first time, the Teutonic Knights wanted to build their castle in Santok on Góra Zamkowa in 1434. However, this plan was not implemented, because the Poles and the Joannites destroyed the building. For the second time, the Teutonic Knights started to build the „castle” four years later, and in 1439 they extended this investment with the construction of a bridge and a dam (dyke) from the side of the old castle. Already in 1450, however, the castle threatened to collapse. The Teutonic Knights sold the New March to the Brandenburgers in 1454 and thus left Santok. According to the sources, settlement projects were not continued on Góra Zamkowa – until the 1930s, e.g. until the construction of the currently existing tower.